Welcome to Southern California’s leader in private money loans. From the beaches of Los Angeles to the Inland Empire, we can get your loan done in a timely manner with a hard money loan.

While some companies only do commercial or residential, we are a private money lender of Residential and commercial properties. And many companies do not do that hard to find private money second mortgage.

Why choose us?

-Fast turnaround time , many times in 7 days. For someone who can pick up the phone and 7 days later get the actual property they wanted because someone like us did what they promised, that is a huge benefit to using us as your private money lender. Many times we get borrowers who went with another loan company and they didn’t do as promised.

-Sub par FICO scores or no FICO scores, we can still do it. These are equity based loans and not based on a person’s precious credit history. Some foreign nationals have no credit and we can still give a hard money real estate loan to someone with a zero credit score. Bankruptcy or shortsale on your record? We can still get it done. Many people don’t even try to call and get a loan if they think their previous history if less than perfect.

-Minimal paperwork, many companies will ask for your last 2 years tax returns and also your paycheck stubs from your employer. Our standard application takes less than 20 minutes to fill out. We don’t ask for account numbers from your banking institution or your checking account number. When we say minimal paperwork, we really mean it.

Need more reasons?

-Great service, we can usually inspect the subject property in a few days of the initial phone call. In some cases, we don’t have to inspect at all. This adds to the speed at which we can get things done. When we say we will call you back and a certain time, we really mean it.  When we cannot do a loan, we won’t lead you on and drop you at the last minute when you are expecting a close. We are not afraid to say yes and also not afraid to say no.

-Residential and commercial-While we give private money single family homes, townhomes, and condos, we also give loans to the commercial sector; namely Apartments, retail, warehouses, office buildings, industrial, etc. We can be your one and only primary source for all of your residential and commercial real estate loan needs.

-Loans from $40,000 to 12 million, you don’t have to go to 2 different Los Angeles private money lenders if you have various amounts you need. We do the small loans and also the multi-million dollar loans.

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