Funding Real Estate with private money loans in Los Angeles

CaHardMoneyNow is a private real estate lender specializing in loaning money on real estate in Los Angeles and Southern California. We have over 16 years experience doing this in this market. Our experience allow us to analyze a property and pretty much know right away whether or not we can make the loan.

CaHardMoneyNow has developed our own way of getting deals to close in the Los Angeles area. Knowing the market has helped us a lot in the way we can tell real estate and mortgage brokers who bring us deals usually right over the phone. They really appreciate us not giving them a bait and switch where someone gives them a quick yes but eventually cannot do the loan for one reason or another. We don’t do that.

Why people use us:

  • People who have low credit score in Los Angeles come to us because they have usually have been turned down by a bank for their real estate purchase or refinance.
  • If there are tax liens or judgements against the person or the property, they might be a good candidate for private money
  • Self employed cash crunch issues is where the owner of a small business may pull equity out of  a rental property to keep the business from going out of business.
  • Many Los Angeles real estate purchases have a time deadline looming on the horizon. With hard money, the time it takes to close is usually 7 to 9 days. Swift closing times are one of the reasons people use private hard money loans.
  • If you have been turned down by conventional lenders, you just might want to never go that route again. If you have perfect credit and great income, you should not have a problem but how many people out there have that? Many others want to buy a piece of real estate or get cash out of their existing real estate that cannot get approved?
  • Many self employed people do not make enough reportable income. It is usually easier to get a conventional loan if you do not own your own business. One shouldn’t be penalized because they own their own business.

Do you need more reasons?

  • We do our own underwriting and generally do not hire third parties to look at the property for us.
  • We have local expertise in Los Angeles, from the beaches to downtown, then all over Orange County and the entire Southern California area.
  • Our loans are custom made and each individual property and borrower are different.
  • We don’t mark up the interest rate and we don’t earn a dime on whatever interest rate you pay. Our investors get the exact rate we quote and there is no servicing fee of the loan by us.
  • We don’t mind saying that we cannot do a loan so we won’t string you along but more often than not we say yes.

Cahardmoneynow has funded millions of dollars of loans which have rejected by the general banking establishment and are considered experts in the Los Angeles real estate market. This expertise provides us with a way of getting loans done in a timely manner and terms the borrower really is happy with. Call today to see why more and more people are turning to us at 714-681-2409 or 619-987-8639.