Hard money Service

Ca Hard Money Now is a real estate lending firm. We base the loan on the equity in the asset which is real estate. We match borrowers with our investors to find both parties the best residential hard money loan. Commercial hard money loans are also done by us. We don’t broker your loan out. We are the broker of record and we do the loan docs. Our track record speaks for itself with helping borrowers getting the best possible loan for people who need a hard money loan.

Some people call us hard money lenders; others call us private money loan specialists. Whatever you call us, we can give you a hard money loan on your California real estate.  All of our loans are stated income and also non recourse. These loans are short term in duration, usually 3 years or less.

Our strong points are:

-Residential-Hard money for single family houses, town homes, or condos.
-Commercial-Private money for office buildings, apartments, retail strip centers, and industrial.
-Speed of closing-We can usually close in 7 days. In over 80% of our hard money loans, we do not need an appraisal. We can give you a same day approval, usually right over the phone.
-Broker co-op-We work with real estate brokers and protect them. Brokers who bring us a loan will have their client served with the utmost care.
We have many happy clients so give us a call today to find out if your property is a fit for us at 619-987-8639

Services we provide in these city:-

San Diego Hard Money loans

We service the area from the Mexico border all the way up to Fallbrook and out east to Alpine.  Our residential hard money loans are a great bridge for a San Diego borrower who needs a short term real estate loan. Most of our private money loans are done in the city of San Diego because that’s where more of the population is compared to the suburbs.

Our commercial hard money loans are also very popular in San Diego. We can loan on many types of commercial buildings in San Diego, from offices to apartments and many things in between.

Hard Money Lenders California

We can do hard money loans from San Diego to San Francisco. From a hardware store in downtown San Francisco to a residential fix and flip in San Diego, we can do it.

When people all across the state have different types of properties, they don’t have to go to several different hard money lenders in California. If you need a residential hard money or commercial hard money loan, we are here for you. Our short terms hard money loans are ideal for those Californians who have less than perfect credit or don’t earn enough on their tax returns.

Hard Money Lenders Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles service area includes from the beaches, past downtown and out east to the Inland Empire. We can do a commercial or residential hard money loan very quickly in Los Angeles.

When someone is looking for a hard money loan from a commercial hard money lender or residential hard money lender, we are the one stop shopping company to go to for all of your hard money loan needs.

People like not only are rates but our speed in which we get the hard money loan closed. Our minimal paperwork is also a major benefit for those who wish to get the private money loan quickly. In many cases when dealing with a bank REO or a bank shortsale, there is a severe time crunch where the bank needs their money on a certain day.

We can come through as a Los Angeles private money lender so many reasons.

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