One Stop Source for California Hard Money

We understand how depressing it is to be rejected by a banker or mortgage broker at the last minute. At CAHardMoneyNow, we don’t want our clients to suffer due to a cash crunch near time deadlines. If its $50,000 or even 10 million dollars, CAHardMoneyNow is here to bridge the gaps for you!

Whether you want to acquire new residential/commercial properties or you are going to refinance some properties you already own, we can meet your short term capital needs. When you need hard money in California, you just have to ask and complete some quick formalities. That’s all it takes, really!

We specialize in non-occupied properties, and in some cases, we also fund owner occupied properties in San Diego, LA and Orange County areas.

Exclusive Funding Options for CA Real Estate Investors

As private money lenders with extensive experience in the California real estate market, we are dedicated to meeting all fast real estate loan related requirements of our clients in and around the state of California. Our hard money loans services cover virtually all kinds of investment groups, particularly real estate investors and small real estate borrowers who have just property.

At CAHardMoneyNow, our hard money solutions are weaved around three key components:
 Quick funding and closings
 Comprehensive lending Options
 Simple and flexible loan approval process

Rapid Funding: We are your local lenders with complete knowledge of time dependency when a bank loan is not something you want to be dependent on. Be it a large-scale real estate loan or quick financing for an ongoing project, we always have the most appropriate private money loans available for you in California.

Flexible Terms: Unlike conventional loans, we don’t need extensive documentation, which many borrowers find almost impossible. Our asset-based lending is designed to help you out in even the worst of the bad credit scenarios.

Fast Approval: We have a clear-cut dialogue with each borrower or investor at the beginning itself. This helps us close your hard money loan file within a week.

We don’t Turn Down Hard money Loan Applications

Don’t stretch your real estate projects far too long due to insufficient funds. We are here to put the pieces together for you. Our open-door lending system helps borrowers get approved easily for private/hard money loans in a wide range of situations, including:
 Less than good credit
 Urgent need for money for real estate
 Investment properties which don’t qualify for conventional loans
 Big loan amounts that banks refuse to lend for a short duration

Get your private or hard money loan today!

Whether you need a letter of credit or funds for investment in a residential or commercial property, CAHardMoneyNow is just a call away!

For more information, dial 714-681-2407 or write to us at CaHardMoney