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California Hard Money Loans ?

We are able to fund within 7-10 days. Many customers prefer to take loans from private financial lenders. California Hard money does many private first or second mortgages.

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25 Years of Experience

We have been a part of the local real estate community for over 25 years now and cover the San Diego, Orange County, Inland Empire and Los Angeles areas. Feel to contact us for any Southern California private money loans!

Fair Rate

We started out originally originating residential hard money loans or also known as private money. We now do commercial loans and 2nd mortgages to go along with our normal first mortgage loans. We really try to give the borrower a fair rate and give the investor a good return on his or her money.

Our Policies

We have a history of being diligent on our analysis of each property but slightly aggressive on who we give loans to. We have given loans to foreign national and people with low credit. We have also given loans to people with high income and good credit who use us for speed and efficiency.

About Us
Our Mission Is to Help People

Our loans have been given to help people out of foreclosure situations, short-sale deadlines, probate situations, construction rehabs which have run out of money, and just regular everyday people trying to buy a house. No matter what the reason someone uses a hard money lender, we can most often times accommodate the borrower.

Member of the San Diego Creative
Investors Association and loan

We are also members of the San Diego Creative Investors Association and loan all over Southern California and it some cases, northern California.

What We Do
Our Services

Residential-Hard money

Residential-Hard money for single family houses, town homes, or condos.

Commercial-Private money

Commercial-Private money for office buildings, apartments, retail strip centers, and industrial.

Speed of closing

We can usually close in 7 days. In over 80% of our hard money loans, we do not need an appraisal. We can give you a same day approval, usually right over the phone.

Broker co-op

We work with real estate brokers and protect them. Brokers who bring us a loan will have their client served with the utmost care.

Cities That We Serve

San Diego Hard Money loans; Hard Money Lenders Los Angeles; Hard Money Lenders California.

Happy Clients

We have many happy clients so give us a call today to find out if your property is a fit for us at 619-987-8639
For your loan needs

For all of your private money and hard money loan needs, you can make one phone call and talk to a real live person, George Kengott.. Sometimes it’s nice when someone picks up the phone right away instead of leaving 5 different voice mails for 5 different private money lenders in hopes that 1 of them will finally get back to you.

This is a 2 person company so there is not much overhead and no red tape to navigate through. George has been in the business for almost 11 years and can in many cases, give you a quick yes over the phone with good rates. He will then look at your property personally without an upfront charge.

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