Oh no. My son wants to get his real estate license!

I had to catch myself the other day. My son, who is a sophmore at a small college here in Southern California, told me that when he graduates, he wants to get his real estate license. Without thinking, I immediately said, “No you don’t.”

I have this picture of him getting a job where there are tons of benefits, paid vacations and STOCK OPTIONS. I should have given some thought before I blurted out what came out of my mouth. Why should I discourage him from something?


When he first informed me in 7th grade that he wanted to be a Division 1 college basketball coach, I knew he would get over that. I mean you have to at least PLAY college basketball before you can coach it.

Now 8 years later, he is playing college(albeit small college) basketball, and he STILL wants to be a college basketball coach. So he proved me wrong on one thing already.

In the summer and on breaks, he sees me going out looking at property for my Los Angeles hard money and san diego hard money loan business. He thinks that would be a great supplement to his college coaching salary. Either loans or real estate.

Sometimes I think he thinks what many other people think who are not in the real estate business. You stick a sign in someone’s front yard, put your feet up on the desk and rake in your 6% commission. Ha!

Although I actually love my San Diego Hard money loan and Los Angeles hard money loan biz, I don’t want him to do it. I know what it took to get where I am today and it was not easy. I’m still not quite where I want to be but I would just rather him be in a different place.

Even the thought of him starting out at the bottom being an assistant to an assistant coach, then moving every 3 years for the better coaching job, I would probably prefer that to this crazy business. I guess I what should really do is stop helicoptering over him and let the chips fall where they may.

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