Sistine Chapel white smoke means it’s March Madness

Well, not really but getting a new pope just happened to be in March-the start of the NCAA’s March Madness. This is when employers lose billions by workers not working.

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I am self employed doing San Diego Hard Money Loans and Los Angeles hard money loans so I can sneak away to watch the end of a game or two to see how bad my bracket has been trashed. I remember telling someone at a party last March that I will NEVER play in another March Madness pool again because I was scheduling appointments around the key games in which I wanted to see the end.

So never say never because here I am jumping into another TWO pools. What about my hard money loans for Southern California? I will still do those. San Diego state plays this Friday March 22 at 6:20pm so I don’t have to take off any work to see my favorite team play. As for the teams in my pool, I only will watch the last few minutes if it’s a close game and I will NOT watch those games in lieu of getting people hard money loans for San Diego and hard money loans for Los Angeles.

Being the glutten for punishment I am, I have to ONCE AGAIN hear my friends and relatives talk trash to me about how I am wasting my money because I am in the same pool they are in and I will just lose to them. Why is that none of those trash talkers ever win? Nor do I but I did win a Super Bowl Square over a year ago. “So I got that going for me” said in my Bill Murray voice as Bill was telling someone in CADDYSHACK how the Dalai Lama promised him that he is going to receive “total consciousness” on his deathbed.

What March of 2013 means is that the Catholics have a new pope and we are doing what we always do. We play a little bit of hooky only with better and better technology to see any game anywhere. Gee Wally, I wonder if the pope turned his bracket in yet?

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