Quick Hard Money Loans in Los Angeles

Do you need a Hard money loan for your real estate in Los Angeles? Are you looking for a well-established and reliable hard money lender who can help you manage your future real estate funding?

Your search comes to a satisfactory end with CAHardMoneyNow, one of the top Hard money lenders in Los Angeles area!

Welcome to CAHardMoneyNow Hard Money Solutions in Los Angeles

As an experienced LA based hard money lender, we have been providing our customers with quickest possible hard money loans for over 25 years now. At present, we are lending money to a number of residential and commercial properties in and around the city for first and second mortgages.

The huge range of our residential and commercial hard money loans includes:

-Up to 70% purchase price for first trust deeds

-Around 60-65% or less Loan-to-Value (LTV) for second trust deeds

-We can loan anywhere between $50,000 and $10,000,000

-Stated income loans are also available

-Fastest possible hard money funding (process takes just about 7 to 10 days)

Why Our Customers Bank On Us

All through our years of practice in the local real estate community, we have been able to win customer trust and are now considered a reputed lender because:

  • We are one of a few lenders offering flexible terms, quick processing, and full transparency with hard money loans.
  • We have an extraordinary track record in and around Los Angeles and enough capital to simultaneously back short term hard money real estate loans.
  • While we don’t approve just any request, we are of the opinion that every authentic individual or business has the right to get monetary assistance.
  • Since we have been a part of the LA real estate community for more than 25 years now, our area-specific expertise enables us to come up with the right lending options for you

Contact Us

You dial 619-987-8639 to reach our help desk.

This is how you can have a word with one of our hard money lending specialists

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