Los Angeles Private Money loans or is it…

…Los Angeles Hard money loans. Potato or Potodo. Same thing. California Hard Money and Private money
are basically the same thing. They are both short term gap funding that holds a borrower over until he/she can get conventional financing for their Los Angeles real estate.

What would be the demographic of people who borrow Los Angeles Hard money loans? Well, it’s anyone who doesn’t fit the conventional mold of a bank.

-Less than perfect FICO’s
-Foreign Nationals
-Self Employed people with anemic tax returns
-Fix and Flippers
-Buy & Hold buyers

Private Money Los Angeles loans can be had by almost anyone with a sufficient down payment-that’s in the case of a purchase. If it’s a refinance, they have to have enough equity and normally the property should be non owner occupied.

The Southern California real estate market has exploded in the last few years. We are now seeing the $700,000 “crap shack.” It’s amazing how much people will pay for so little square footage. This is what was happening in the real estate market of 2005. The prices appeared to be going to infinity…until they didn’t. When the game of musical chairs stops, there are many people looking for a chair on which to sit.

Fortunately, there are more chairs than there are players so the sellers of Los Angeles real estate for now appear to be in the driver’s seat. A certain percentage of buyers will need Los Angeles Private money loans and we will be ready to serve them.

Our favorite clients are people who buy real estate, need a Los Angeles hard money loan, and then improve the property immediately. Our Los Angeles trust deed investors LOVE it when they loan money on a property and a couple of months later, it’s worth much more because of improvements by the fix and flipper. In some cases, they fix it up and hold the property rather than sell it right away.

Whatever you call the loan, we can help you. Call me at 619-987-8639

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