Are you sure that Real Estate Deal is Dead?

In my San Diego Hard Money Loan business as well as my Los Angeles hard money loan biz, I would like to use the following analogy to describe what it’s like selling California real estate and California hard money loans.

When paramedics show up at the scene and the patient just stopped breathing, what do the paramedics do? Throw up their hands and say, “Oh well, win some lose some?”

No, they keep working knowing that something could happen. They haven’t exhausted all of their possibilities yet. They might give CPR and if that doesn’t work, they do chest compressions…or something! The thing is, they don’t give up even though it doesn’t look good at all.

We all have had deals in the real estate business where we just KNEW that the deal was dead. The buyer wouldn’t budge, the seller was stubborn, or loan had an insurmountable mountain to climb or a myriad of different scenarios. Maybe the appraiser found that the house wasn’t as good as expected.

In many cases, there are always 1 or 2 or several things you can do to put air back into the lungs of that deal. Call the buyer and ask if she can meet in some common ground area. Ask the seller for the same. Call the underwriter for the loan and ask you can do to get the loan passed through.

Tell them you are not going away until you see this transaction through. You will find at the end of the year, several deals you thought were dead you actually closed.

In the case of a conventional loan failure, you might try hard money. Many of my hard money deals funded last year were from creative agents who had their buyers turn to hard money after the A paper loan door was slammed shut.

Sometimes it’s not always good to look at the facts. Look to see things as you want them to be. When you do, your creativity might should into high gear.

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