California Real Estate Market Hotter than Hot Yoga

It’s hard to believe anyone would want to go into a 104 degree room and do yoga poses for an hour as I sometimes do. It’s also hard to believe that 20-30 people would submit offers on a piece of Los Angeles Real estate or a San Diego home.

Yes, hot yoga is insane, but then again so is getting in a bidding war in this crazy spiraling upward Southern California real estate market. The thing about hot yoga is that when it’s over, you usually feel better. And when you’re bidding on real estate and that is over, you almost always feel worse.

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Why would you want to bid against all those people knowing that whoever overpays the most, win? Pretty bizarre, huh?

I will stick to doing Los Angeles hard money loans, San Diego hard money loans AND occasional hot yoga and let the people fight to pay more than anyone else for a house.

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