If you raised your prices by 46%, would you still have customers?

I have been a San Diego State basketball season ticket holder now going on my 13th year. You might ask why am I writing about SDSU men’s basketball in my San Diego Hard money and Los Angeles hard money blog? The reason being is that I am shell shocked about a 46% increase in my season ticket prices.

First, I must say that I love my SDSU Aztecs. I love the players like they were my own kids. I care about them even after they get done with their playing careers. Kawhi Leonard, the San Diego state alum made me now root for the San Antonio Spurs.

Yes, from $1310 to $1930 in one year. What businesses out there would survive if they raised their prices by 46%. How about your grocery store? How about your favorite gas station?(when the others didn’t raise theirs)How about private hard money real estate loans for Southern California?

I think not. The head honchos at my favorite university decided to take the season holders to the wood shed and b!tch slap us around a bit. It must be a heck of a racket. I wonder which year will be the year that the management brings us to our knees to cry uncle? Or perhaps this is the year.

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