SoCal Real real estate investors feeling George Costanza’s pain

A few years ago, my investors who invested in Southern California trust deeds would be not so thrilled if I ever presented them with a Los angeles hard money trust deed or a San Diego hard money deal that was less than 12% interest.

That was then, this is now. George Costanza isn’t the only one complaining of “shrinkage.”
With the “shriveled up” Southern California inventory, my first trust deed investors for my hard money loans are now willing to get as low as 9% interest on a hard money mortgage with a safe LTV. I get calls each week from these same investors who demanded 12% just 4 years ago.

With all of these factors, we, however are still making deals happens for many Southern California brokers. We recently closed Southern California hard money deals in:

San Diego
Lake Elsinore
Big Bear
La Jolla
Buena Park
San Diego again

If your non owner buyer needs a stated income hard money loan for Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County or Inland Empire, run your scenario by me today.
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