5 Things to Let Go of to Increase your Business

I think by now most of us realize that there are various current schools of thought on positive mental attitude.

Some of them are:

-Thoughts are Things
-You are what you think about all day long
-The Law of Attraction
-Training the subconsciousness Mind …and many many more.

The subconscious mind thing got me somewhat. If you train your Subconscious mind with your Conscious mind, your Conscious mind better be good. I realized that mine needed some work. I have a Los Angeles hard money loan and a San Diego hard money loan business. I wanted to improve that business.

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We all have our baggage which we pick up. Whether it’s from childhood or adulthood, we add negative thought patterns which we don’t even realize.

OK-I am far from perfect and need a lot of work so I figured I better get rid of 5 things in my life that were not only NOT making me any money, but could be costing me money in my private money loan business.

Here are MY five things that I am either eliminating completely or cutting way back on:

-1. TV

How positive is it to see people get killed in TV? (I admit I was a Jack Bauer fan of 24 and I loved it.) How many other cop shows are there on Television? Some of the highest rated shows involve killing.

How productive is it to watch mindless sports (more than 1 game) when you could be entering something positive into your mind with a good book or paying attention to your spouse and kids?

2. Gambling

I have another friend who is in the mortgage business and must admit we would sneak away to play craps at the local Indian Casino a few times a month during the late afternoon. That in itself is not so bad when you are gambling within your means. It was the winning that got me. On the times that I won, I would be thinking about it more than I should during the ensuing days, mentally taking me away from productive things. When I lost I felt ridiculous, also very non productive.

3. Drinking

I didn’t think this was an issue at all. I never got a DUI, don’t drink during the day so I’m fine, right?
Not so fine. I excercise 5-6 times a week at night and I felt that it’s my reward to have a glass of wine or two if I wanted afterwards. I felt a slight elevation after those 1-2 glasses and then was somewhat unproductive during the next couple of hours.

On the weekends, I would go to a function and might have more than two drinks. I don’t know about you but the older I get, the less alcohol I can handle and be productive the next day. Try going to 105 degree hot yoga with even a slight hangover. Many of the brain cells I killed in my early 20’s are no longer around to help me. Ha!

4. Defaulting to Negative Thinking

When something would go wrong either in my personal life or on a loan deal I am working on, my automatic would say something like, “This is bad.” I didn’t realize that I was doing that until my wife pointed it out. Instead of being “bad” it could just be another “challenge” that I will take care of like I always do without much difficulty.

5. The Shiny New Object

When you are working on your computer, it’s so easy to get distracted by the latest gossip articles…like you would if there was a shiny new object dangling in front of you. You know, the newest possible war, which sports figure just got hurt, which movie star just went to rehab, a funny email a co-worker or friend just sent you, etc. And you say, it’s just one article or email but if you do that several times a day, that’s a big time waster.

There you have it. MY 5 biggest time wasters(and some of my vices) that I am slowly getting rid of to increase my business. What are yours?

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