Are your THOUGHTS helping or hindering your Real Estate income?

I recently heard a speaker who said that over 95% of the thoughts we think about money are negative. I said to myself, “Not me, those are the stats of other people.”

The next day, I started to watch my money thoughts throughout the day. I am a Southern California Hard money loans originator so this money thing so this should be easy. I gonna try it.

I drive past the gas station and I see $4.09 a gallon and thought “is it ever going to come to $1.75 like it was a few years ago?” (negative)I’m thinking about which coffee to order at Starbucks . I am watching people order their foo foo drinks and wonder “how can anyone pay almost $5 for caffeine?” (negative)

California Hard money loans

When at my desk, I started thinking about the Los Angeles hard money loan prospect who didn’t call me back when he said he would. Imagine that, a prospect NOT calling you back when he or she promised? Ha! Then I start delving into what happened to the prospect for him not to call me back.

Did he lie about how much down payment he SAID he had for his residential purchase and was too embarrassed to call me back? He did find another Southern California Hard money loans originator? How could he, my rates are very good so maybe it was me he didn’t like? (negative, negative negative)

Maybe the speaker was right. I didn’t want to be like that. I consciously started to turn every money thought into a positive money thought. I was grateful for the hard money loan prospect who didn’t call me back. I said to myself, that or something better will manifest itself.

My son’s college tuition bill came. Instead of mentally ragging on how high college costs are, I sat there thankful that I didn’t have to transfer money to pay for this or throw that on my credit cards like I have done in the past. I had the money in my checking account and that pleased me.

I was grateful for the almost impossible closing on a San Diego commercial real estate loan and how the referring broker never wavered from the original goal. He and I worked like a dogs on the deal and while I got quite a few more gray hairs, we were rewarded.

Are you like me in being one of the 95% of thinking negative thoughts when thinking about money? Is it affecting your real estate business? Does it affect you when you think about getting referrals and appreciating the folks who have given you business in the past? Is it affecting you when you think about prospecting?

Are you blaming your boss or the broker you work for in not providing enough leads? If you are self employed, are you blaming the economy or the banks for holding back inventory?

It only takes a thought, then another and another. We can do this!!!

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